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Did you know we're 80 Years old?

2021 marks a very special year for our District, as we are celebrating 80 Years of Scouting in Central Notts!

Whilst the very first mention of Central Notts Scouts appeared in the local press in 1912, when its Commissioner was named as Major Williams, and consisted of troops in Colwick and Netherfield.

In the annual report of the Central Notts Association for 1940, by Mr N.A. Metcalfe, the following report read: 'The last time an official census was taken was in September 1938 and there were then only three Groups in the District with a total of 10 Scouters, 16 Wold Cubs and 50 Scouts making a total of 76. This year at the census taken in September 1940 there were 5 groups with a total of 18 Scouters, 73 Wolf Cubs, 107 Scouts and 1 Rover Scouts making a total in all of 199. We are very pleased indeed to record this splendid progress and with the new life brought into the area, we are looking forward to a further big advance in the coming Year.'

In 1941, the Central Notts we know today came into being, with the suggestion of a reform by the new County Commissioner at the time, Lieut, Colonel N. Gervis Pearson. The south-west boundary of the District was moved from the line of the old railway (the one in a cutting of which the 1st Arnold and Woodthorpe group has it's HQ) to the City boundary and the River Trent. This change saw the Netherfield, Gedling, Carlton and Porchester Groups being transferred from the South East Notts. District to Central Notts where they remain to this day.

Over the years there have been 15 Central Notts District Commissioners. Our very first District Commissioner, still has an impact on the District to this very day as our Metcalfe Colours, presented at each St George’s Day parade, are named after Mr Metcalfe.

As we continue to celebrate the 80th year of Central Notts, we would like to hear your Scouting stories in Central Notts, and we hope to include some of these in future issues of our newsletter before the end of our celebratory year!

If you would like to share them, please email and we will look to include these in a future issue


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