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Scouting in Central Notts Update

Following the recent Government announcements, both the Scout Association and Nottinghamshire Scouts, having being in consultation with the National Youth Agency have recently confirmed that face-to-face Scouting can continue within the District and the County.

Being in Amber phase, does not mean that face-to-face Scouting must take place, delivering virtually is still an important part of how we continue to do things, and it is important that we undertake things in a safe way that protects young people, adults and our communities.

Those groups who are continuing to offer face-to-face Scouting, are asked to proceed by following the current guidance, and also ensuring activities are only undertaken when approved and relevant risk assessments are in place. In addition to this Leaders are encouraged to:

  • Revisit any existing risk assessments to see if areas could be improved. Risk assessments do not need to be resubmitted for approval when minor changes are made.

  • Wherever possible undertake activities outdoors only.

There are lots of programme ideas being uploaded to the Scout association website, these include socially distanced activities for face-to-face meetings alongside ideas for virtual meetings, these are available here.

Please keep checking our website, along with the County and national website for the latest information and guidance.


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