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Disability Awareness

How to do it:

Do one activity from each of the lists below.

1. Disability awareness – do one of these:

Explain what a disability is.
Find out about a Paralympian and their sport. Tell a story about their achievements.
Visit an activity centre or playground for people with disabilities.
Talk about how your meeting place could be made better so that everyone can take part.
Make a poster that tells others about a disability. Choose something that’s not mentioned later, in numbers 2, 3 or 4
2. Physical disability awareness – do one of these:

Show how to safely push a wheelchair.
Talk about an aid that can help a disabled person. It could be a type of wheelchair, computer, grabber or rising chair.
Play a game where you can only sit down or use one hand. Goalball is one game you could try
3. Deaf awareness – do one of these:

Learn how to fingerspell your name.
Learn the Promise in British Sign Language.
Explain what hearing dogs for deaf people do. Why are they helpful?
Play a game without using sound
4. Sight awareness – do one of these:

Talk about what guide dogs for blind people do
Guide a blindfolded Beaver through a game or assault course.
Play blind football or another blindfolded game

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