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Outdoors Challenge

How to do it:

Go on a sleepover or a camp with other Beavers, and do at least two of these:
help put up a tent
collect wood and help to build a fire
cook something on a fire
sing songs around a fire
wash up after dinner
set up your bed and sleeping bag
play a wide game
Learn how to tie three simple knots.
Show that you:
know what to do if someone has an accident
know why it is important to tell an adult when an accident happens
can do simple first aid for someone who has a cut or bruise
Take part in an activity using natural things like leaves, bark, twigs, sand or rocks.
Point out and name five different types of animal, insect, bird or fish that you might find near where you live. Find out about the food they eat and the places they might live.
Make something to help animals in the wild. It could be a bird box or a bug hotel.

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