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Skills Challenge

How to do it:

1. Show a new Beaver how to play a game you know and like.

2. Take part in three activities on how to keep your body fit and healthy:

looking after your teeth
foods that are good and bad to eat
exerciseYou could also do something else which you agree with your leader.
3. Do two creative activities. You could
act or mime
play a musical instrument
make a model from salt dough
make up a dance
paint a picture
make a card
4. Learn a new song and sing it.
5. Learn and use at least three of these skills:
learn your own address and phone number
tie your shoelaces
decorate some cakes or biscuits
set an alarm clock to get up at the right time in the morning
fold or roll your scarf
make your bed
keep your bedroom tidy
light a candle
Or you could do something similar which you agree with your leader.

6. Invent a machine and show other Beavers how it works.
7. With a team, complete at least two problem- solving missions set by your leader.
8. Go somewhere new. Then find out five facts about something new.
You must be supervised by an adult when learning and using some of these skills. Make sure that you follow the safety rules, especially for skills like preparing food or lighting a candle.

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