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World Challenge

How to do it:

Learn about what makes up your local community and meet someone who serves your community such as a police officer, lifeboat crew, a coastguard, fire fighter, youth worker or nurse.
Complete an activity to help people in your local community. This could be carol singing at a local care home, repairing paths at a nature reserve or helping to clear a garden for someone with a disability.
Take part in at least one activity that reflects England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or your part of the UK. These could be: dance and music, craft, festivals, food, sports and activities.
Find out about, and take part in, an act of worship, reflection or celebration.
Discuss your Beaver Promise to do your best and how your Promise can help remind you to do good things in your community.
Do at least one activity to help you learn about the natural world around you. These could be: pond dipping, mini-beast hunting, growing something from seed, leaf printing, or something similar agreed with your leader.
Take part in an activity from another country. You could learn your Promise in another language, make a dish from another country or create some artwork inspired by another country.

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