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Animal Carer

1. Complete one of these:
Take care of an animal for at least two months. Give it the correct foods, and learn to recognise common traits and habits including how to groom, clean and exercise the animal.

Help to care for a farm animal for at least two months. Know the correct foods to give it and be able to recognise common illnesses. Learn what special care you need to give before and after the birth of farm animals.

2. Then choose two of these to do:
Keep a record of bird, animal or insect life in your garden, local area or park. Keep pictures, sketches, photographs or audio recordings. Do this for at least three months.

Visit a zoo, wildlife park, animal sanctuary or rescue centre. Find out about some of the animals you see. What are their feeding habits and natural habitats?

Join an animal, bird or wildlife society. Either take part in one of its activities or make progress in any award scheme it offers.

Find out about dangers that threaten wildlife in their natural habitat. Make a poster, collage or drawing or tell other Cub Scouts what you found out.

Learn and understand what you need to do and be aware of when deciding to own a pet.

Animal Carer
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