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Challenge 58 #thegreatindoors

Happy Monday everyone!

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is the first part of a week long challenge!

Over the week we are planning to earn our Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge. This means you can choose which stage you want to complete depending on your age, ability and how adventurous you are feeling.

Below are today's challenges based on which stage you are looking to complete:

Stage 1 - Show that you can; turn on and log into a computer, use a piece of software (for example email or a game), name the main parts of a computer system, connect a peripheral (for example a scanner or printer) to your computer and use it.

Stage 2 - Plan and then create a piece of digital media. It could be music, animation, video, CAD (Computer Aided Design) or a 3D sculpture.

Stage 3 - Show that you know how to use anti-virus software and set up or adjust settings for accessibility and security

Stage 4 - Create a portfolio of digital media. It might include artwork or a photograph that you alter using creative tools, music, animation, CAD (Computer Aided Design) or 3D sculpture.

Don't forget to send your evidence to your leader so they can keep track of what you are doing. We would also love to see any pictures and efforts in the comments section.


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