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Challenge 60 #thegreatindoors

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is the third part of a week long challenge to earn our Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge.

Below are today's challenges based on which stage you are looking to complete:

Stage 1 - Use the internet for research; decide on an area of interest, find three websites with content that matches your area of interest and collect relevant information by printing or saving as files.

Stage 2 - Demonstrate how information online can be viewed and used by others once it has been posted/uploaded and how it is hard to remove.

Stage 3 - Plan, make, edit and share a piece of digital media based on your research. Share your research with other people, for example by email, on the web, by Multimedia Messaging Service or social media

Stage 4 - Create a social network profile for your section, a band, local interest group or something similar. Alternatively you could make a small website that can host content, such as photos, poetry or information about your local area.


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