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Challenge 61 #thegreatindoors

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is the fourth and final part of a week long challenge to earn our Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge.

Below are today's challenges based on which stage you are looking to complete:

Stage 1 - Using your internet research, design a presentation and tell others about what you have found out. This could be an electronic or paper based presentation.

Stage 3 - Create a multi-page website or social network group with your information. Present your information in a variety of ways. For example, you could use infographics, images or graphs.You should then; share your website with a wider audience, explain your sources of information and why you selected the details you chose, get some feedback on what you have done and make changes to improve your website based on that feedback

Stage 4 - Use the internet for research: Choose a local, national, community or Scouting issue, or something from the news or current affairs. Collect information from different sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, online news services and ‘open access’ data sources. Put your information together in a structured way, for example grouping similar information. Make sure you know where each piece of information comes from. Select the information you think is most appropriate and reliable.


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