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Challenge 80 #thegreatindoors

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is the next part of our week-long challenge. This week we are going to try and earn, or work towards earning, our Cyclist activity badge.

Beavers: Show how to put on and wear a cycle helmet correctly.

Cubs: Show you can clean and oil a bicycle. Show how to pump up the tyres and mend a puncture.

Scouts: Show that you can carry out essential maintenance and repairs, including:

  • checking and adjusting the brakes

  • checking and adjusting the gear change

  • adjusting the seat and handlebars to a correct height

  • removing a wheel and locating and repairing at puncture

  • checking and adjusting your cycle helmet

  • maintaining a set of lights.

Don't forget to submit your evidence to your leaders. We would also love to see your efforts in the comments section.


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