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Putting skills into Action

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

A brave seven year old Beaver Scout has been praised for his bravery and skills after putting skills he learnt at Beavers into action to help his mum after she collapsed at home.

Danny, a member of 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe Scout Group, was quick to revive his mum after she fell ill and fainted by shouting and slamming doors. After waking his mum, his First Aid skills kicked in and he made sure she was comfortable on the floor by using pillows and a blanket.

Danny then went on the hunt for his mum's phone and after finding it, and getting her to unlock the device, having never used a phone before, he was able to call his stepdad for help. Thankfully mum is now on the road to recovery, thanks to Danny's assistance.

Tom Andrew, Danny's Stepdad, and Group Scout Leader for 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe Scout Group explained that the skills learn at Beavers helped Danny keep calm, and helped ensure a speedy recovery for his mum.

Tom has also hinted that they may be nominating Danny for a Meritorious Conduct Award from the Scout Association in recognition for his actions.

Well done Danny from everyone at Central Notts!


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