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Volunteers Week - In Conversation With Becca

Today we talk to another one of our new Group Lead Volunteers, Becca from 1st Farnsfield Scout Group!

If you think you could join Becca and the rest of our brilliant volunteers, please let us know by emailing

Why did you start volunteering with The Scouts?

I was a Girl Guide and Ranger leader prior to COVID. In 2021 following my second maternity leave, I moved across to Scouts to become a Beaver leader as I was keen for a new challenge.

I wasn't with the group during the lock downs but post pandemic was an interesting time to start, as we were all still getting back to normal and helping support some of our youngest Scouts at that time was really special.

What is the best thing you’ve done as a leader?

I'm going to pick two. Firstly leading Farnsfield Scouts on Remembrance last year as our GSL was away and it was before I'd taken up the role. I was beyond nervous but the respect and behaviour of our young people was impeccable from the Expolorers down to the Squirrels. I was so very proud.

The second is a special one personally and that's watching my own son take his Squirrels promise last year. He's been waiting for his own necker for so long!

Have you learned anything new, as a volunteer?

Many hands make light work! (most of the time)

How do you think volunteering now will help at work/in your future career?

My 'day job' is as a Finance Business Partner. I am often found with my head in a spreadsheet. Scouts makes sure my adventurous side gets an airing, and I think it's important to remember that side of yourself, push yourself and be brave.


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