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A Canoeing weekend for the Leaders!

The weekend of 9&10th April saw a collection of leaders from across the County attend the Nottinghamshire Scouts Adventure centre in Hoveringham to start their journey as instructors for Scout Canoe and Kayaking.

The attendees were a mixture of experienced and keen beginner paddlers with a possible outcome available to them of graded permits as to the type of water, the volume of people and the type and volume of watercraft they could instruct.

Central Notts was represented by Peppers ESL Rob Powley and Central Notts DESC admin’ Matt Etchells-Jones. Other districts represented included Mansfield and Rushcliffe.

Rob generously helped break the ice at the canoe session by being the first to fall in on the Saturday, whilst Matt set a record for the day in terms of paddling endurance when a freak stream of wind swept him off the back of the paddling line and across the lake leaving him to paddle hard against the wind and surface swell in a diagonal taking in a significant portion of the very large lake at the facility.

Over the weekend everyone learned tips, tricks and useful skills from how to select a paddle through to how to right an upturned canoe.

A massive vote of thanks is due to Stephen Day and his team for the weekend.


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