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A festive walk!

Peppers Explorers celebrated their tenth annual Santa hike this year with a festive hike that ended with snowfall. Every year Peppers have a festive themed non-arduous hike as a tradition started by accident after ESL Matt Etchells-Jones opted to brighten up a wet hike before Christmas one year by taking a load of selection boxes in his backpack to distribute and lighten spirits on the night.

Since then the event has evolved to involve attendees dressing in festive attire and fairy lights, singing carols on the way and stopping halfway for hot chocolate and festive treats. Older scouts and leaders from other units are invited and the event often serves as a window into the unit.

This year’s event was particularly special as whilst being the tenth anniversary, the sub zero temperatures that saw attendees very thankful for their hats and Christmas jumpers saw the conclusion of the hike in the picturesque location of Bulcote greeted by snowfall. Picture at the end of the hike are ESLs Rob and Neil alongside DESC Admin Matt Etchells-Jones


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