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A local litter picking hero!

In recent weeks, Frankie from 2nd Arnold Scout Group has been heralded as a litter picking hero by spending his spare time looking after his local community by going on litter picks. Here is Frankie's story.....

Hello my name is Frankie, and when I started secondary school in September, as part of the school achievements we are asked to complete pledges. These pledges include completing activities for both yourself and your community and cover categories such as sports, volunteering, creative, practical, leadership and academic.

During lockdown I decided to contact Gedling Borough Council and ask for some equipment so I was able to do some litter picking around my local area. My grandad works for the Council and I had previously heard him talking about the council providing equipment for the locals to go litter picking. The council were very happy that I had contacted them and they arranged to deliver me a litter picker, gloves and bin bags and they told me the procedure of how to get my rubbish collected so it didn’t have to go in my own bin. I decided to go litter picking with my family up to the local park and around my estate. In just an hour we had filled three large black bin liners full of rubbish which ranged from crisp packets, glass bottles, tin cans to face masks. The most obscure item was a wheel trim.

Whilst out litter picking I had some nice comments from the general public and one gentleman even gave me a box of chocolates to say thank you for doing a good deed. I have been litter picking since March 2021 and will continue to help my community by doing regular litter picks within in my local area. I enjoy litter picking as I feel it helps me with my mental health especially when it was lockdown as it gave me a reason to go out in the fresh air and channel my thoughts onto something else. I believe more people should respect their environment and place their rubbish in the bins provided or take it home with them. But not everyone has the same beliefs and respect and that’s why I do my bit to help by going on regular litter picks with my family.

To show case the work I have achieved I was asked to take part in a photo shoot with the local councillor Peter Barnes and Gedling Borough Council. I met another boy called Archie who has been helping the community where he lives too. We were awarded with a “Litter Hero” certificate and chocolates to thank us for our hard work. I will continue to do my bit by carrying out regular litter picks to help my community to be a tidier place, but also to give myself a sense of achievement by having regular fresh air and to get me out and about as a family.

Congratulations Frankie, keep up the great work!


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