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Central Notts Squirrels get underway!

On Saturday 21st May, our second and newest Squirrel Scout Drey officially opened its doors to our bright eyed, bushy tailed recruits!

After a brief welcome, the Squirrels were already learning all about each other, with the Squirrels bringing in their favourite toys, whilst talking about their favourite things.

Then it was time to get creative, with the Squirrels drawing pictures of each other, and making some fantastic pictures which will be proudly displayed on their notice board!

After a quick story about friendships it was time to pack away the toys and creations, and look forward to next weeks exciting activity!

A special thank you to Deborah, the Community Champion at Carlton Tesco. Who at the end of the meeting dropped in to donate a number of craft resources which the Squirrels can use at a future meeting.

Interested in joining Squirrels? Why not email and we can point you in the direction of your nearest Squirrel Drey.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers, and we hope to be able to open more Squirrel Scout Dreys around the District very soon. If you would be interested in volunteering for Squirrels, or any Section please see our Volunteer page.


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