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Commissioner's Commendation

Monday evening saw a first for Central Notts, with the very first Commissioner's Commendation being presented by our District Commissioner Daniel.

The Commissioner's Commendation is a local award used by Commissioner's to recognise individuals (youth members, volunteers and non-members) for their contribution to Scouts. The award carries no set criteria, and is shown by a purple knot and can be worn on the uniform in the same location as other volunteer awards.

At the 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe AGM Daniel presented Joseph and Oliver, what we believe to be the very first Commissioner's Commendation in Central Notts, for their efforts in helping with the distribution of emergency supplies to Ukrainian Refugees - and ultimately living up to the true values of Scouting and their Scout Promise of 'Thinking of other people, before themselves'.

Just prior to the presentation taking place, Daniel read out the following citation:

Both Joseph and Oliver have selflessly provided numerous hours to arrange the collection, sorting and distribution of emergency supplies to Ukrainian refugees following the Russian invasion in February 2022. They organised the collection, sorting and packing of these over several weeks from their school and Scout group. They have also helped at the collection centres on multiple occasions, receiving, sorting and packing donations that were arriving until late into the night. Their display of dedication to their Promise and the Scouting values makes them worthy of this Commendation.

On behalf of the District, we would like to say congratulations to Joseph and Oliver on your well deserved award!


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