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Fundraising with a Smile

Add to your Group's fundraising options with Amazon Smile.

(note: Central Notts or this Author do not benefit from this.)

During the pandemic, as we are all now aware, it is very hard to carry out not only normal Scouting activities, but fundraising for your group. I would like to share with you a quick tip that will allow you to bring in a small amount of income with very little effort on behalf of you and your members:

Amazon Smile is a charity programme which allows your group to raise funds whenever one of your members buys something on Amazon.

It is simple to set up, simply go to, and register your group with your charity number, following the steps on that web page.

you will need: either the name of your scout group, (most will be searchable on there), or failing that, your "registered charity" number.

once you have registered your group, they will ask for your group's bank details in order to make the payments:

After you have completed that step, you are good to go. The next step is to get the word out.

In order to contribute to the group through smile, your members need to shop through instead of the regular amazon site. your members will be able to search for your group on there, and once they have done that, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase they make to your group.

Every little Helps!


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