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Get Crafty this Easter

With the Easter Holiday's well underway for young people across Central Notts, why not get crafty this Easter to help pass the time. We have put together some activity ideas which you can complete at home, whilst continuing to work towards your challenge awards and Activity badges!

Easter Nests

It's time to cook up a storm with a twist on classic chocolate crispy cakes. Simply swap the Rice Crispies or Cornflakes for Shredded Wheat and top with mini chocolate eggs to make some delicious chocolate nests!

Easter Egg Hunt

Take a traditional egg hunt up a notch and turn it into a competition, with your Scouts focusing on teamwork to hunt down the hidden eggs. You could also turn it into a bit of a map-reading adventure with clues, as long as you can remember where you hid them first!

Design your own Easter Egg!

Get crafty with this entertaining activity that is sure to go down a treat and can be done at home. Using hard boiled eggs, why not recreate their favourite tv shows or films, or simply create your ideal Easter Egg!


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