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Squirrels in Central Notts!

In November Squirrels were launched at 1st Farnsfield making them not only the first in Central Notts, but the first section in Nottinghamshire! Let’s see what they got up to! During their first night the new Squirrels first armed themselves with pencils and crayons and got creative with the Squirrels logo for the entrance to the venue, before jumping straight into group games. Next, ear defenders at the ready, it was time to make musical instruments – the Squirrels used recycled materials to make shakers, drums and guitars before a group sing–a–long to test out their new instruments! A few songs later, it was time to say g–o–o–d–b–y–e and close the night.

In the weeks since, the young people have enjoyed a wide range of fun-filled activities including making fruit kebabs, and Blanket forts. Just this week the Squirrels have enjoyed making Campfires out of tissues, leaves and twigs. At the end of the evening the Squirrels were officially welcomed into the Scouting family as they each took their promise and were invested into 1st Farnsfield Squirrels.

Well done to everyone at 1st Farnsfield, we can’t wait to see what adventures you get up to next!


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