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Volunteers Week - In Conversation with Richard

Continuing with our #VolunteersWeek celebrations, today we are chatting with Richard - an Explorer Scout Leader in Central Notts!

Why did you start volunteering with The Scouts?

I've been involved in scouting from a young age. As both my parents were Leaders I attended many camps and activities. I became a young leader when I was a Venture scout as part of my award work. I enjoyed interacting with the young people it gave me sense of worth. I eventually took over as Scout Leader and saw many young people move through the section gaining their awards and helping them evolve and move forward.

What is the best thing you’ve done as a leader? 

As a leader I have be involved in the Nottingham Gang Show and perform on the theatre Royal stage. This has definitely been a highlight for me. But as an Explorer Scout Leader watching and helping the Young people achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Bronze Silver and Gold. I was also fortunate to be invited to Buckingham Palace after my work as a leader within the District and County. I was honoured to represent the Scouting movement.

Have you learned anything new, as a volunteer?

I have learnt many new skills as my time as a volunteer. Back to basic skills, survival techniques. Team building skills, Communication skills talking to people of all ages. A lot of these skills have help me outside of Scouting.

How do you think volunteering now will help at work/in your future career?

Communication skills is key in all careers. Scouting definitely has helped me be more confident talking to people. Also it shows a commitment to employers that you are willing invest in a project. It also shows you are a team player. 

Volunteering with Central Notts Scouts is as easy as 1-2-3! The first step is visiting today!


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