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We are GREEN!

Following the guidance from the National Youth Agency and the Scout Association, from today (27th January 2022), Scouting across England has moved from YELLOW to GREEN readiness level following the end of the 'Plan B' restrictions.

Below you will be able to see the current guidance, which can also be found on the Scout Association's website.

What does this mean?

All activities can resume for members who live in England. Residential activities and international travel may take place.

Group sizes and limitations:

  • All non-residential activities (including young people or Scout Network members): No limit on group size, although all activities must be able to safely manage the risk of transmission of COVID and, if this is not possible, they must not take place.

  • Residential activities: Nights away activities may take place, more details in the planning COVID-safe Nights Away guidance.

  • International travel: Visits abroad may resume but must follow the FCDO travel advice and still manage the transmission of COVID and ensuring that the trips are safe and accessible. Consideration for the changing government requirements must be built into the trip plans prior to approval being given locally for the trips to go ahead.

We would like to thank all of the young people, their parents, and our volunteers for their understanding and support during the last couple of months.


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