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Cub Scout Leader / Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Leads and supports the operation of the Cub Scout Section, in particular with the planning and delivery of a balance programme.

About the role

Outline: Manage, lead and support the operation of the Section. In particular, the planning and delivery of the Balanced Programme, with the help of Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants, Young Leaders and members of Scout Active Support as appropriate. Some of the tasks for which the Section Leader is responsible may be delegated to others in the Section, including other Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants.

Responsible to: Group Scout Leader

Responsible for: Young Leaders whilst they are working in the Section

Appointment requirements: Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association's policies). During the five months of Provisional Appointment the relevant Getting Started modules must be completed. A Wood Badge must be completed within three years of Full Appointment, and ongoing safeguarding and safety training.

It's expected that whilst volunteering for this role you will undertake regulated activity.

Main Tasks

Delivery of a Balanced Programme:

  • Delivery of a safe, exciting and stimulating Balanced Programme for the Section taking into account the needs, interests and abilities of the young people.

  • Ensure the safe delivery of the programme in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

  • Ensure that every young person in the Section has the opportunity to attend at least one nights away experience each year.

  • Actively support and promote the achievement of badges and awards in particular the Chief Scouts’ Award.

  • Actively work with other adults in the Group to support and promote Group or multi-section activities and events.

  • Ensure regular opportunities are provided for young people to express their views on the programme and running on the Section, and that those views are taken into account (for example using Log Chews, Pack, Troop, Sixer or Patrol Leader forums, or any other method).

  • Actively co-operate with other section leaders to promote the Moving On from Section to Section.

Operation of the Section:

  • Work with the Group Scout Leader, the Group Trustee Board and others to support recruiting and inducting appropriate Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants.

  • Agree responsibilities with Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants and parent helpers taking into account the development of the individual’s leadership potential.

  • Ensure accurate records are kept of the young people in the Section in accordance with the Data Protection Act and pass these records to the Section Leader when the young person reaches the age to move up to the next Section.

  • Regularly review the operation of the Section.

  • Make and maintain good relationships with parents/carers of the young people. This may include running a parent rota and/or inviting parents to support camps or other residential experiences.

Wider Group tasks:

  • Follow the Group’s financial procedures which must be in accordance with POR.

  • Attend and contribute to relevant Group and District meetings. These may include meetings of the Group Council, the Group Trustee Board, Leaders’ meetings (at Group, District or County level), and AGMs.

  • Note: Section Leaders can sit on the Group Trustee Board by indicating their willingness to do so each year at the Group AGM.

Note: any other tasks are to be agreed with the Line Manager.

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