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Preparing for your Scouting Adventure

Welcome to Central Notts Leader Training

Adult training is designed to support you as a volunteer to get the most out of your role and to support adults in Scouting, The adult training scheme provides a comprehensive programme of training to build on existing skills and knowledge and to develop new skills.

The training and development opportunities available vary according to your role. There are some modules that everyone has to complete, these are the Getting Started modules Modules 1, 2, 3 and GDPR. After that the training varies, but for most of you it will be modules 5 to 19, which are for a scout leader appointment. Manager and Supporter roles require Module 4 and then the LSM modules which involves independent learning and upto 4 days of training for 3 separate courses. All courses can be booked through the Nottinghamshire County Scout Training site.

How the Adult training scheme works

The Scouting Adult training scheme is made up of 38 modules that cover the development areas required to be a leader in Scouting. It is a national scheme so any training completed is recognised across the country. There are 2 main parts to each of these modules: Learning and Validation.

  • District Team
    District Commissioner Daniel Bolstridge ADC Beavers Henry Walker Kim District Cub Leader Vacant Fiona Smith District Scout Leader Mike Smith DESC Vacant District Scout Active Support Manager John Oliver Kirk Hellewell District Network Commissioner Savannah Storm Sam Farnsworth Campsite Warden Mark Woolley Training Adviser, Nights Away Adviser Steve Baker Phil Herriott
  • District Executive Committee
    District Chair William Powell-Perry District Minutes Secretary Janice Culley Oliver District Treasurer Roger Foxall District Appointments Chairman David Comerie District Exec Members Rebecca Darroch John Oliver Gordon Tunnicliffe Scot Riggans Kirk Hellewell District Execuitive Member (18-25 Rep) Holly Barlow Laura Wilson District Youth Commissioner Sam Farnsworth
  • Explorers
    Spartan ESU - 2nd Arnold, Friday Richard Alton Colliers ESU - 1st Calverton, Tuesday Scott Riggans Gemini ESU - 1st Gedling, Friday Howard De Jonge Peppers ESU - 3rd Woodthorpe, Thursday Robert Powley Matthew Etchells-Jones Stephen Martin Invictus ESU - Southwell, Tuesday Lisa Farnsworth Endeavour ESU - 1st Burton Joyce, Monday Stephen Robinson Mammoth ESU Chris Clifford Young Leaders Rebecca Darroch
  • Scout Active Support Unit
    District Scout Active Support Manager John Oliver Finance Coordinator Tony Thorpe
  • Bands
    Steve Baker
  • 1st Arnold and Woodthorpe
    Group Scout Leader James Dennis Patricia Jefford Ann Dennis David Chambers
  • 2nd Arnold
    Group Scout Leader Yan Ahmet Suzanne Barlow Fiona Hammond Dianne Yeatman Matt Smith Annabel Alton Contact GSL
  • 1st Burton Joyce
    Group Scout Leader Andrew Kearsley Dawn Kearsley
  • 1st Calverton
    Group Scout Leader Graham Batty Megan Goddard Kayleigh Johnson Luke Shaw Fran Ball
  • 1st Farnsfield
    Group Scout Leader Chris Blockley Peter Carter Laura Cracknell Richard Sneade Diane Waller
  • 1st Gedling
    Group Scout Leader Jim Simpson David Fox Tracy Dodds Janice Kerry Andrew Stranger
  • 1st Porchester
    Group Scout Leader Ian Holliday Cameron Stillings David Marriott Ann Baldry Wez Hill
  • 1st Redhill
    Group Scout Leader John Carvin John Carvin Heather Hirst John Evens
  • 1st Colwick
    Group Scout Leader Mark Woolley Chris Drake Vicki West Emma Hickman Paul Spinks
  • 1st Trentside
    Group Scout Leader Aimee Stonard Andrew MacDonald Laura Meadows Michael Eaton Aimee Stonard Jodie Merrington
  • 1st Woodborough
    Group Scout Leader Sarah De Barr Tina Ibell Cindy Bamford Richard Janes Leslie Charlton
  • 3rd Netherfield
    Group Scout Leader Vacant Vacant Sharon Leaper Vacant
  • 3rd Woodthorpe
    Group Scout Leader
  • 4th Carlton
    Group Scout Leader
  • 5th Carlton
    Group Scout Leader
  • Southwell
    Group Scout Leader
  • 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe
    Group Scout Leader

What happens next ?

Once you have successfully completed all the relevant learning and validation you will be awarded your wood badge for your role. As this is a national scheme these are recognised across the country.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

All leaders need to keep the following up to date to ensure we keep the young people safe and know what to do in case of an incident.

  • Safety: renewal every 3 years

  • Safeguarding: renewal every 3 years

  • First Aid: minimum first response, renewal every 3 years

Safety and Safeguarding Training

All adults (with the exception of Occasional Helpers) when restarting back to face to face Scouting must have up to date Safety and Safeguarding training. If you don't have these you can complete and validate the training online by following the links below:



First Response

First Response Training is required to be completed by all leaders. During the pandemic we have been unable to deliver any first aid training so yours may be out of date or as a new leader you may not have been able to complete it yet. There will be a 6 month grace period for first aid certificates that have expired during the pandemic – this will start from when we enter the “green” level of readiness.

First response training in Nottinghamshire is adopting a blended approach to the training which is made up of 3 parts:

First Aid

Theory 1

Delivered online with a series of videos and presentations and takes approximately 2.5 hours which you can do in your own time at your own speed and in smaller sessions to suit your personal circumstances.

Theory 2

This stage will be delivered by a virtual session approximately 2.5 hours

Validation/Practical Session

This session will take approximately 20 mins, and will be delivered across the county within Districts, and will cover the practical side of your First Aid training.

Theory 2 and validation sessions will be available after Easter. Before you can attend the second and third sessions, you need to have successfully completed the online session (Theory 1).

Links to the theory sessions will be sent directly to you or you can find the link on

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