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We want to make volunteering easier and more fun, have the ability to recruit and retain volunteers, resulting in more young people gaining skills for life.

There are some excellent examples of awesome volunteering, but the experience is not the same for everyone. Therefore, we are looking to improve the overall volunteer experience. 

Over the next couple of years we are going to work together to make changes delivering:

A warmer Welcome for all:

  • Volunteers welcomed with ease.

  • Welcome conversations held locally with the volunteer

  • Supported through induction with an allocated buddy

  • Empowering volunteers through self-service tools for learning and development.

  • More tools to support local volunteer recruitment.

More engaged learning:

  • Support & management of learning built in to structure.

  • Digital first (but not digital only) bite-sized learning. 

  • Personalised learning (when you need it, and tailored to your role).

  • Existing skills recognised and removal of separate validation.

  • Wood Badge optional, but available to all.

Positive Volunteering everyday

  • Volunteers working in teams on tasks with a clear purpose.

  • Clearer roles that everyone can understand.

  • Clear expectations with a commitment to building a positive volunteering culture.

  • Individuals contributing in a way that matches their skills, interests and availability.

  • Healthy culture of diversity and inclusion

How we expect the new structures will look...

District Team Description

How the District Team Struture may look after Transformation
Group Leadership Team Description

How the Group Leadership Team may look after Transformation
Section Leadership Team Description

How the Secton Ladership Team may look after Transformation
Group Trustee Board Description

How the Group Trustee Board may look after Transformation

Teams and Tasks approach

The structures below are to give an idea of how teams could be made up and some of the task each team could undertake. Each section, group and district is unique and teams and tasks will differ as a result.

If you have any questions regarding Transformation, you can contact Ross, our District Transformation Lead, to see how the teams and tasks approach will work in your situation.

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