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Challenge 106 #thegreatindoors

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is a space themed challenge. Part 2...


  1. Name the eight planets in our solar system and draw or make a model of one of the planets. You could use papier-mache to make your model.

  2. Find out about a space mission, an astronaut or a planet in our solar system.


  1. Observe the moon, using binoculars or a telescope if you can. Describe some of its features.

  2. Identify three constellations.

  3. Find out about two space-related subjects and present some information about them. You could find out about planets, the history of space exploration or space technology.


  1. Build a telescope from two cardboard tubes or two A4 pieces of black card, and lenses. Compare what you can see through a telescope and what you can see with the naked eye.

  2. Observe three constellations on a clear night and record what you saw.

  3. Read a star map using a compass and red light. Compare the differences between using a star map and a normal map.

  4. Learn how to identify a satellite. How do you tell it apart from an aeroplane, star, planet or a meteor? Then complete these activities:

  • identify a satellite to observe

  • choose a clear night and use a clock and a compass to help you observe the satellite

  • plan an evening with your Scout Group and teach others how to observe the satellite

Don't forget to send your evidence to your leaders


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