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Challenge 107 #thegreatindoors

Today's challenge is the first part of a week-long challenge. This week we are going to try and earn, or work towards earning, our Animal Friend, Animal carer or Naturalist Activity Badge.

Beavers: Learn how to care for an animal. Find out what the animal needs. Learn about its food, habitat, space, exercise and sleeping area.

Cubs: Take care of an animal for at least two months. Give it the correct foods, and learn to recognise common traits and habits including how to groom, clean and exercise the animal.

Scouts: With appropriate permission, spend at least one day at one of these locations and investigate the wildlife and plants found there:

  • woodland or parkland

  • down land

  • moor land

  • seashore or sand dune

  • hedgerow

  • roadside verge

  • stream, river or canal

  • small pond

  • wetland or marshland

Don't forget to submit your evidence to your leaders. We would also love to see your efforts in the comments section.


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