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Challenge 11 #thegreatindoors

Greetings all,

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is an arty one!

We would like to see how good your descriptive skills are:

You will need 2 people for this challenge, so either ask someoneelse in your household or video-call a friend.

You will both need a pencil and paper. Sit back to back or if on a video call sit so you can't see each others pieces of paper.

Chose who will be person A and who will be person B.

Person A draws a picture on their sheet of paper, then without showing or telling person B what they have drawn they have to describe the picture to person B.

Person B will draw on their piece of paper what they think person A has drawn from their description.

Once person B has finished their picture, compare both drawings and see how good your descriptive skills were.

We would love to see your pictures in the comments section.

This activity also counts towards the following badges:


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