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Challenge 124 #thegreatindoors

This week we are going to try and earn, or work towards earning, our Navigator Staged Activity Badge.

Today we are looking at Stage 4:

  1. Show you know how to:

    1. Convert grid bearings to magnetic bearings and vice versa.

    2. Use back bearings to check the route.

    3. Estimate your current position using a compass.

    4. Walk on a bearing. This should include ‘deviating from course’ (the four right angles technique to bypass an obstacle also known as 'boxing').

    5. Read a six figure grid reference.

  2. Using 1:50000 and 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey maps:

    1. Interpret contour lines in terms of shape and steepness of terrain. Learn what the topographical features mean, including:

      • Valley

      • Col

      • Ridge

      • Spur

b.Show how to set a map, with and without a compass.

c. Learn how to use and give six-figure grid references. Demonstrate the use of a roamer to improve accuracy.

3. Walk two compass routes of at least 5 kilometres each. They should be defined on a map, one route’s start and end points defined by you and the other by an adult.

4. Show you know how to dress appropriately for the walk and what kit you and your group need.

5. Choose the most appropriate type of map for the journey you are taking.

Don't forget to submit your evidence to your leaders. We would also love to see your efforts in the comments section


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