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Challenge 125 #thegreatindoors

This week we are going to try and earn, or work towards earning, our Navigator Staged Activity Badge.

Today we are looking at Stage 5:

  1. Using a 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey map and compass, navigate along a course of at least six ‘legs’. Navigate along a course of at least six ‘legs’ to the standard of the Hill and Moorland Leader award provided by Mountain Training. You’re not expected to hold this award – just have a look at the course to get an idea of the level you need to achieve. Find out more on Mountain Training's website.

  2. Using only a compass and pacing, successfully navigate a course of at least four ‘legs’.

  3. Using only a map, successfully navigate a course of at least four ‘legs’.

  4. Make two sketch maps – one of an urban and one of a rural setting – that would enable a stranger to travel successfully between two points.

  5. Complete at least three different orienteering courses in a reasonable time.

  6. Complete a comprehensive route plan for a 20km hill walking route, set by an appropriate adult. It should take place in Terrain One or Terrain Two. See POR for more information about activities in specialist terrain.

  7. Show you know what the most appropriate clothing and equipment is for your journey.

Don't forget to submit your evidence to your leaders. We would also love to see your efforts in the comments section


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