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Challenge 128 #thegreatindoors

Today we are going to try and earn, or work towards earning, our Scouts Chef Activity Badge.

Requirements for this badge are:

  1. Plan a menu for a weekend event for between four and six people. Include the quantities you’ll need and any dietary needs of the group for cultural, religious or medical reasons.

  2. Show how and where to shop for the food and the best way to transport it.

  3. Show how to store food properly, hygienically and in ways that prevent food poisoning. Explain what you might need to consider if you’re using an indoor kitchen or a camp kitchen.

  4. Cook and serve at least one of the meals from your menu. The meal must be at least two courses and can be prepared on an open fire on camp or in a kitchen.

  5. Demonstrate the best way to clear up afterwards. Clearing up should include washing up utensils, pots and pans, disposing of rubbish and leftover food in a way that prevents vermin or disease.

Don't forget to submit your evidence to your leaders. We would also love to see your efforts in the comments section


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