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Challenge 91 #thegreatindoors

Today's #thegreatindoors challenge is a pirate teamwork challenge where we will be walking the plank!

You will need yourself and at least one other member of your household:

  • Mark a start and finish line on the floor with the masking tape—this is the plank people will walk along. You could also use chalk or string.

  • Fill one bucket with water, and put it at the start line with the plastic cup. Put the empty bucket at the finish line.

The aim:

  1. The game leader should help the first player to put a blindfold on, and guide them to the start of the plank.

  2. Without touching the player, the game leader should help them to pick up the plastic cup and fill it with water. They’ll have to use their voice to direct them.

  3. Still without touching the player, the game leader should help them to walk along the plank. The game leader should walk along the plank beside the blindfolded player.

  4. Once the blindfolded player reaches the finish line, the game leader should help them empty their cup into the bucket—still without touching them.

  5. The game leader should take the empty cup and help the blindfolded player take off their blindfold. The game leader and player should return to the start line.

  6. The next player should have a turn. The game leader should repeat steps one to five until everyone’s had a go at walking the plank.

How hard did you find this? Was it easy to give the directions for them to follow?


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