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Ethan the Environmentalist!

As Scouts we believe in putting nature first, and we want to protect the environment that we enjoy whilst camping, hiking, playing and learning in the great outdoors!

Recently Beaver Scout Ethan, from 5th Carlton, received a very special award in the form of a Blue Peter Green Badge for all of his hard work recycling, and going on litter picks in his local community!

The green badge was introduced in November 1988, and for over 35 years has been the primary focus of Blue Peter’s environmental activities, recognising children who show they care about the planet, climate change, recycling, protecting animals and their habitats.

And Ethan is in good company too, when in October 2023, Blue Peter awarded a Green Badge to HRH The Price of Wales in recognition of his work with The Earthshot Prize.

Ethan brought up his badge to Beavers last night, where the Beavers and Leaders were very proud of Ethan's recognition. Congratulations Ethan on your very well deserved award!


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