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We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our online Risk Assessment Repositry. We are currently working hard to restore this as quickly as possible. In the meantime we have added some useful links to The Scout Association website and resources which will help you completing your Risk Assessments, these include an example Restart Risk Assessment, and example Risk Assessments for Activities.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and will resore this feature as soon as possible.

An online repository of risk assessment templates and examples from across the district. if you are running an activity for which you need to write a risk assessment, check here first, you might find some help and guidance!

Please note that a login is required to view/upload documents.


If you want to share a risk assessment you have done for an activity or an event please use the button below to upload it in PDF format to the relevant folder.

NOTE: the resources provided here are for guidance only.  You should only use these forms as a starting point to create your own risk assessment, as your circumstances may differ from the ones shared.

For more information on Risk, and how to fill out an assessment, check out:

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