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A Night at the Deep!

Over the first weekend of December, the first Central Notts Beaver Sleepover took place at the Deep. Being the first sleepover since COVID-19, for many Beavers this was the first time being away from Home. However, despite that all of the Beavers had a fantastic time, and you can read below what we got up to.

On Saturday evening, the Beavers gathered in Basford to board their coaches for their journey to the deep, shortly before this the weather wasn't favourable as a rain cloud decided to pass, just as everyone was boarding the coach - fortunately this was the only time over the weekend that we all got a good soaking, before taking our seats to head up the motorway.

The Beavers arrived in Hull just after 6pm, and after unloading the Beavers and their kit it was time for a quick bag drop, be split into 3 groups and then we all enjoyed a tour of the Deep to say hello to our neighbours for the evening!

After concluding the tour, we then had time to have some food, and then it was into some festive crafts, before bedding down for a night in front of the tanks.

6:15am came round very quickly for the Beavers (even quicker for the Leaders!) and it was time to get up, pack away our beds and off for Breakfast consisting of Cereals and Toast overlooking the Humber Estuary.

After a quick visit to the Shop, and the Penguins (as they were already in bed when we arrived) it was time to board the coaches to head home, but not before a bit of festive singing to get us all in the Christmas Spirit.

Just before leaving, Central Notts District Commissioner Daniel, took the opportunity to present 3rd Netherfield's Beaver Leader, Lindsey, with her Beaver Scout Leader Wood badge in front of all the Beavers and Adults - Congratulations Lindsey!

After a quieter journey back to Nottingham, all of the Beavers were thrilled to see their mums and dads waiting for them as the Coaches pulled up back home, and we are sure that they will be keen to go back again in the future!


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