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A Right Royal Knees-Up in Windsor

On Saturday 24th April Danny, a Cub from 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe, was finally presented with his Chief Scouts Commendation for Meritorious Conduct at a ceremony at Windsor Castle, hosted by the National Commissioners of England, Scotland and Wales, along with the Scouts Ambassadors and Chief Scout Bear Grylls, two-and-a-half years after receiving it.

Danny has been commended as a result of when he was seven-years-old using his first-aid knowledge learnt at Beavers to help his mum who had fainted at home. Danny elevated her feet, tried repeatedly to get a response from her through voice and pain, and then used her thumb to unlock her phone to call his dad who was at work – in spite of never having made a phone call before. The information he was able to provide allowed his dad to call an ambulance. All the while, Danny also looked after his two-year-old sister ensuring she had food and was distracted from what was going on.

At the ceremony Danny witnessed the Queen’s Scouts parade in the Castle Quadrangle, before an afternoon tea reception hosted by the Chief Commissioners of England, Scotland and Wales, the Scouts Ambassadors and the Chief Scout Bear Grylls. The commissioners, ambassadors and other adult awards recipients were in awe of Danny’s story and he was made to feel incredibly special. He was absolutely thrilled to meet Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds, astronaut Tim Peake and Chief Scout Bear Grylls, all of whom were lovely and had photos with him.

Danny is the first member of the relatively young 1st Daybrook and Woodthorpe to be represented at the national awards ceremony and he was a perfect ambassador for the group and the Central Notts District. It was truly the experience of a lifetime.


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