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Every little helps!

You’ve heard of the Aldi price match, and you’ve heard of those multi-buy deals and in the current climate we are all looking at how much we are spending, so we were wondering just how much food can you buy with only £10?

Well that is what Colliers ESU went to find out at their recent Unit meeting this week. Each team of Explorers were given £10 to spend and each went to a different supermarket to try and get as many items as possible.

The Winning Team was the one with most items and broadest range, and as you can see from the pictures it was a close competition. Each team visited a different supermarket in Arnold, a special shout out to the very kind cashier in Lidl who donated an extra £3 to the team that went to Lidl!

At the end of the evening, Colliers ESU donated all of the items purchased during the evening to the Food bank through Calverton Church, allowing the Explorers to ‘think of others before themselves’ and giving the food to those who are in the most need of a helping hand.


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