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Volunteers Week - Wednesday

We would like to say #ThankYou to all of the Leaders across Central Notts who give up their time to lead Scouting activities for youth members.

Our Leaders - section leaders, assistant leaders, section assistants and activity teams are at the heart of Scouting with young people.

You know who you are … the ones who are there every week, every camp, every visit and every activity to make sure our young people across Central Notts have the opportunity to gain #SkillsForLife. Your commitment and dedication mean our youth members experience the excitement and adventure of the outdoors, experience the world and gain skills that will help them be their best throughout their lives.

Young Leaders too, on a mission to give a little extra zing to section meetings and test out their own leadership star qualities. You are a really important part of our leader teams and we’re grateful that you step up and take part.


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