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District activity day

DAD ONline 2020

10:00 AM

Welcome and flag break

A message from our District Commissioner and flag break by 3rd Woodthorpe

10:30 AM

Soap carving

Learn how to carve an animal out of a bar of soap

11:00 AM

Origami and photo skills

Make an origami penguin and find out some photo trickery

11:30 AM

Scavenger hunt

See how many you can find!

1:00 PM

Cupcake decorating

Have a go at making a Beaver cupcake

1:30 PM

Shelter building

A guide to making a quick and easy shelter

2:00 PM

Tin Can tealight holders

Make a decorative holder for your night light

2:30 PM

Photo frames

Create a photo frame from twigs and twine

3:00 PM

First aid

A bit of basic first aid

3:30 PM

Tealight s'mores

Campfire treats made indoors

4:00 PM

Campfire sing-a-long

Traditional campfire songs with a twist

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